Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Soaked and Steeped

Soaked and Steeped

I got soaked this past weekend.  Not by rain, but at Esalen, in the sacred waters of the sulfur hot springs on the Big Sur Coast.  For over 5000 years, first the native Esselen folks and then homesteaders and hippies and now seekers of all types have soaked in these holy baths.

“Soak” is such a great word, and of course I had to look it up – Middle English in origin, it’s defined as “to lie in liquid.”  That’s what I did, lie in warm steaming smelly liquid for almost 2 hours with a dear friend and others from around the world, overlooking the crashing Pacific.

Talk about a Blue Theology experience of water’s wonder!  Its healing power quieted my mind, calmed my soul.

The same ancient word also means “to steep.”  I did emerge looking something like an old tea bag.  But the flavor was not sucked out of me, rather it was enhanced.  I was enhanced.
Esalen’s mission statement: “On ancient ground, opening new horizons.  Pioneering deep change in self and society.”  One can’t live on “Continent’s Edge” (Robinson Jeffers’ phrase) without experiencing horizon.  One can’t soak and steep in those waters without some change to self, hopefully society. 

Our Blue Theology Mission Station is at a Disciples of Christ Church in Pacific Grove.  That denomination’s founder described baptism as being “saturated in the spirit.” 

Thanks, Esalen, for the rebirth, baptism, saturation, soak and steep.

You could come to our Blue Theology Mission Station in Pacific Grove for a youth service trip or adult pilgrimage by the sea, for a day, weekend or week and then you could drive down the coast to Esalen.  I post these ocean devotionals every Wednesday here and on Facebook.

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