Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Back Again

Back Again

Three cool wise men from the east and north spent a Blue Theology day with me last week. Like the other magi, this trio, a minister, a fish and wildlife exec, and a land management preserver travelled in search of new ideas and hope.   They were a RE-verer, a RE-storer, and a RE-server.  They taught me that to be a faithful person is to love the life of RE.

These three have for decades been spiritual friends and hikers and explorers.  They chose to come to our Pacific Grove Blue Theology Mission Station for a day of prayer and learning.  We took a pilgrimage walk along the coast, reflecting together on the "Marine Stations of the Cross," sharing stories.  I gave them a spiritual tour of the Aquarium, we shared a good lunch.  I love this type of Blue Theology visit- be in touch if it sounds good to you.

It was a RE day.  Revere - to hold in awe again.  Restore - to make again healthy and whole.  Reserve - to hold back, to keep for the future.  These three guys have devoted their lives, followed deep callings, to local churches (revering), reestablishing depleted fish stocks to their native habitats (restoring), creating the University of California extensive system of 40+ Natural Reserves for research and education and protection (reserving.)

Love that RE.  It seems to mean "again" or "back" - take it back, do it again.  The Hebrew people knew in their bones the experience of slavery and exile, but God brought them BACK and gave them life AGAIN.  To be people of faith is to practice hope, possibility, u-turns.   When we seem to be lost, we can go back and we can live again.

California has established an extensive network of Marine Protected RESERVES, nurseries and safe places that are rebuilding stock and species.  Learners of all ages can apply to spend time at one of the UC system RESERVES, as I have at the fabulous Big Creek Reserve in Big Sur and others.  The whales transiting our coast this season know the blessing of habitat RESTORATION, thanks to the various West Coast National Marine Sanctuaries and the work of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. (That's what legislatures are supposed to do - pass laws that protect and preserve all kinds of life.) The silent awe we see and feel as we walk, like Jesus, beside the sea- REVERENCE.

RE seems to look to the past - do it again, take us back to times of blessing and plenty when we more respected all of creation. RE-store us to an attitude of gratitude. 

But RE is also about a passion for the future - we do this rebuilding and healing and work of setting apart not for us, but for generations to come.

RE-peat after me - we are called to revere, restore, reserve.  Thanks wise guys.
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