Wednesday, May 30, 2018

March for the Ocean, M4O, June 9

March for the Ocean, M4O, June 9

The Ocean Is Rising and So Are We!
Put the Blue Back in the Red, White and Blue!
It’s Not Too Late to Turn the Tide!

Saturday June 9 is the first ever “March for the Ocean,” in Washington DC, and I will be there.  There are sister events in over 75 cities in the US and worldwide - marches, kayak parades, flotillas, beach cleanups, bay swims and other wonderful wet gatherings.  Find one in your town! 

June 8 is World Ocean Day.  For many years, in early June, the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation has organized Capitol Hill Ocean Week (, with speakers, awards and a day of visiting your legislators to lobby for ocean legislation.  For the first time there will be an Ocean March as well. 

I’ll be writing about M4O for the next few weeks each Wednesday (or more often), in anticipation and then in reflection.  Please hold me in your prayers as I travel and gather with other ocean lovers.

I’ll be wearing my new blue “March for the Ocean” t-shirt and my usual Blue Theology stole.  I’ve been in touch with DC churches and will look for fellow faithful lovers of blue.

At the Science March last year I saw a sign that read “Love Your Anemone.”  My dear Blue Theology friends – Help! What should my sign say?  (I’m going to a sign painting party the night before the March.)

Do check out  With the organizers I affirm: “NO to Offshore Drilling, NO to Plastic pollution NO to rising seas and climate disasters and YES to job-generating renewable energy, YES to corporate accountability to reduce waste and YES to living protective shorelines, a healthy ocean and clean water for all!” 

Holy words and commitments.
I write these Blue Theology “Tide-ings” on ocean stewardship and spirituality every Wednesday, here and on Facebook.  Our Pacific Grove, CA church welcomes groups of all ages to learn about how God loves the ocean and wants us to love it a bit better.  We have 7 groups visiting this summer –  We are marching in the (wet) light of God.

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