Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gifts from the Sea

Gifts from the Sea

I wish I were smiling in this picture!  I really was so very happy to be installed as Minister for Blue Theology last Sunday at La Selva Beach Community UCC.

At least it shows you some of the many gifts I have gotten from the sea over the years, symbols of so many memories and blessings and friendships.
-The fish cloth is from Mombasa Kenya, Indian Ocean, I got it in 1969.
-The shells are from my mother’s collection and mine – Florida Gulf of Mexico shells from the early 50’s, Indian Ocean shells, whelk from Martha’s Vineyard 1960, anemone from Big Sur coast 1995.
-Todd Evans brought me back from El Salvador the enamel fish cross (near my hand) in 2004 after he heard me talk about Blue Theology at his retreat center Wellspring.
-The Blue Blessings Bowls: Anne Swallow Gillis gave me one, and one was a wedding gift (1979) and is by an artist who also worked on Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party.  Where did I get the other one?
-I’m wearing two stoles.  My Blue Theology one that Sandy Johnson made me ( and one that Patricia Wood gave me on Sunday.
-Wonderful altar and chancel art by Sally Williams of the La Selva church.
-One bottle of water is left on the altar from the 40+ that folks brought for the Gathering of the Waters part of the service.  Each person poured and spoke aloud the names of many local creeks and taps and beaches and bays.  Two friends sent me water in the mail – Kathryn Schreiber sent a jar from her “Holy Temple” Point Reyes National Seashore, and Sandy Johnson (of stole fame) won the prize for “water from farthest away” - from Minnehaha Creek.  Minnehaha feeds into the Mississippi, which provides water for 2/3 of the US.  She posted a sweet picture of her granddaughter helping to collect the water.  That’s another gift – they spent a day together and sent me water.
-This photo itself – Evelyn Vigil took it afterwards.
-Many other gifts – wonderful friends and colleagues and family and new people who were there.  Bountiful reception spread.
-I made an insert for the Order of Worship that is a “Sampler” of some of these BT posts and some history of the ministry – let me know if you want one.
-The ministry was affirmed, I was authorized, and I will now be held accountable (the 3 A’s) as a UCC Minister for Blue Theology.  Thanks be to God!

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