Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sacred Wet Activism

Sacred Wet Activism

How did you celebrate World Water Day this past Sunday March 22? Did you wake with a prayer of gratitude for all things wet?  As you washed your hands and sang Happy Birthday twice, did you turn off the faucet?  Maybe took a shorter shower?  Or thought of those millions of folks with no regular safe water?

I am more aware of Earth Day, April 22 than World Water Day March 22.  But thank you United Nations for establishing World Water Day in 1993.  Good resources and activism,  WASH – Water and Sanitation and Hygiene.

 And thank you Unitarian Universalist churches, who taught me about World Water Day.  And what they call Climate Justice Month, March 22- April 22, Water Day to Earth Day.  It’s their version of Lent, a winter/spring time of what they call sacred activism, a month of reflection/penitence/limits/gratitude. 

Spring into water and earth care, the UUs say, a time of reveling, reckoning, reconnecting and recommitting to climate justice.

This morning I am sad, distracted, lonely, grateful, stuck, wondering, afraid.  I can get out of these feelings by saying thank you water. WASH.  Blessed be water and earth.

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