Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Water's Democracy and Voice

Water’s Democracy and Voice
“I advocate for a democracy of water, which has a threefold meaning: (1) ensuring that humans and all living beings have access to the water they need to survive and flourish, (2) bringing multiple perspectives regarding water into dialogue with one another so that these different perspectives can work together to address pressing water issues, and (3) listening to the voices of water. “  Elizabeth McAnally, “Loving Water Across Religions, Contributions to an Integral Water Ethic.”

“The universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.”  Thomas Berry

I’m convening a conversation about water at our church, Christian Church of Pacific Grove, tonight, and then next week another session about baptism.   My new fav book, “Loving Water Across Religions,” is the inspiration. 

Any ideas and suggestions most welcome. 

I have been on a grandmother tour these past few weeks, 6 month old Lula and 6 week old Owen, such blessings.  They began life in the water of their fabulous mothers’ wombs, and  will be dealing with water issues throughout their lives.  Our Blue Theology Mission Station welcomes youth and adult groups to study and serve our blessed water world, especially the ocean.  I post these ocean devotionals most Wednesdays here and on Facebook.  Be in touch.

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