Wednesday, July 17, 2019

And This Shall Be the Sign

And This Shall Be the Sign. 

God gives us all kinds of signs, and our job is to pay attention to the signs of our times.  God said to the Hebrew prophet Habakkuk, "write the vision, make it plain."  Here’s our new Blue Theology sign, outside our church, to make plain for all to see our fabulous ocean ministry.

Let us pray.

God, you are blue and wet and you love the ocean. We dedicate this new sign to you.  May this sign call your people far and wide to love your ocean and care for it.  May youth come on service trips, adults on pilgrimages, because of this beautiful bold sign.

And dear God, make all of us signs of your love of all creation. May we boldly and beautifully show the world how much you love the ocean and how we follow your call to us to love it better. 

This is a sign for our times.  May it invite, welcome, educate, inspire.  Bless us, and bless this sign.
_________ Our new sign will help you find us in Pacific Grove, on the shore of Monterey Bay, for youth service trips (this pic shows youth from Montclair Presbyterian Church this past week) and adult pilgrimages.  We all blessed our new sign on Sunday with sage dipped in Pacific water, as Keith Brown does here.  I post these ocean devotionals every Wednesday here and on Facebook.  Come and Sea!

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