Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Joy Like A Fountain

Joy Like a Fountain

Joy to the wet world!   Good news from watery wombs and juicy labor!  Let every heart make room!

I've got joy like a fountain.  The water God gives "gushes out" like an unending spring.

Every day I get an AdventWord in French.  Yesterday:

"Nous attendons avec joi - gai abandon, fou espoir."  (We await with joy - gay abandon, crazy hope!). That's my kind of joy.

This third Sunday of Advent is for JOY, and we continue with Rev. Maren Tirabassi's fabulous wet blue liturgy, pouring water rather than lighting candles.

"We remember from a story about Cana
That when Jesus asks us to pour water,
It means we are going to have a party.

"Emmanuel, God-with-us, when we leave this place may we be hydrated with hope, bathed in peace, and willing to splash the world with joy.  Amen."


We at the Blue Theology Mission Station wish you JOY this week, wet and juicy, gushing and splashing.  Pics are from fabulous Armenia exhibit here in NYC, medieval Christian Gospel book cover of the Nativity and icon of the Annunciation.  So much joy!

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