Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stone Sea in St. Louis

Stone Sea in St. Louis

Andy Goldsworthy named this sculpture "Stone Sea, calling it "a sea made of what was once the sea."  Compressed in a sunken courtyard at the St. Louis Art Museum, it is 25 arches of stacked limestone, evoking waves.  It's the same local limestone that formed the ocean floor when a prehistoric ocean roiled here and across the whole Central US millions of years ago, its bedrock.

"Bedrock," he says" isn't this dead, static material, but is alive and moving, indeed limestone is made from compressed animal life.  I wanted to reveal the fluidity of landscape and the cycles of nature."

Ever the Blue Theologian, when it St. Louis this week on church business, I found the sea!  The ocean is everywhere, even in Missouri.  Fluid as bedrock.


The ocean is wet in Pacific Grove – come for a service trip or adult pilgrimage.

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