Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whales? In Cleveland?

Whales?  In Cleveland?

Yes, 100 whales accompanied me to Cleveland this week for our big national church meeting, General Synod, United Church of Christ, 2000 folks.  They did not have to swim I put them in a ziplock bag and the TSA folks didnt seem even to notice them in my bag.

I gave them away in the exhibit hall and workshops and after worship, and they are now on their way home with UCC folks all across the nation, spreading the good news of our Blue Theology Mission Station adult retreats and youth mission trips, and our new website <>, promoting ocean stewardship and spirituality.

Have you ever come home from a conference with lots of flyers and brochures and then just thrown them out?  We wanted a different way to get peoples attention and curiosity. Later this month more hundreds of whales will travel to the big Disciples of Christ (DOC) meeting in Columbus.

All marine mammals were actually once land mammals, before the shifting landmasses and melting glaciers enticed them back to their native sea thats why they still breathe air and nurse their young and have vestigial fingers.  I wonder if these whales have racial memories of when Ohio was a primeval seabed. 

I was the one who came up with the idea of handing out origami whales, but I cannot take credit for folding and stamping them all.  That honor belongs to my daughter Norah, whom I initially consulted just for designs, since she is an origami whiz.  But like a migrating whale determined to make it home for summer feeding, Norah started folding this spring wherever she went: on long road trips, enlisting friends at neighborhood potlucks, even at a gathering of her new in laws, she taught her new brother in law and father in law the simple design; thanks Henry and Steve!

Thanks, Norah and friends, for folding and stamping 800 origami Blue Theology whales.

Thanks UCC and DOC folks who are giving the whales a new home in churches across the nation and spreading the glad tidings of Blue Theology.

Let me know if you want your own. They are light, pack easily, and love to travel.

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